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Rachel Jones

Nanny Extraordinaire | Boss Lady

What started as questionable care of my dolls as a child, turned into terrific care of babies as I grew up. In the past decade, I’ve wiped the butts of over 550 babies: 225 were singles, 186 were twins (including my niece and nephew) and 3 triplets.

I love cheering on milestones of success from entrepreneurs, moms, and wee ones. I may have boo-hoo cried over pictures of baby lambs, I can nap like a champion, and am always up for a good time!  

Kendyl Adams

Design Guru | Nanny Care

I graduated from crayons to computers, from encouraging fellow classmates to avoid the rubber cement to connecting with future friends online and influencing them as they reach for new goals.

I’ve swam with manatees and sharks, I still can’t find the beat when dancing salsa, and I play the Bourne soundtrack when I want to drive fast.

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Wendy McHale

Lactation Consultant

Wendy McHale has been helping families meet their breastfeeding and parenting goals since 2002. Wendy started as a peer-to-peer counselor with La Leche League, and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2011. Wendy has continued to learn from the most up to date research about the best techniques for supporting breastfeeding, parenting, sleeping, first foods, relactation, adoptive breastfeeding, child development, weaning, and much more. Wendy is a private practice lactation consultant, with her company Nurturing Lactation, LLC, serving the Greater Cincinnati, OH area. She helps families with Parent Education, Breastfeeding Classes, and Private In-Home Consultations and Phone Consultations.

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